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    Material Quality

    High standard material quality is a core center of our production policy to offer durable products to our dear customers.

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    Fine workmanship

    Our stuff team produce wood, iron metal and glass furniture for your Home and Kitchen use with a special workmanship design with many styles of choice.

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    Competitive Price

    The competitive price and the after sell service will remain the value of our customer experience.

  • Wrought iron furniture purchase skills

    Wrought iron furniture is suitable to be placed in many spaces such as balconies, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. It can make the home full of romance and coolness, and is favored by many people. So how to buy wrought iron furniture? How should wrought iron furniture be maintained? Part1: The first ...

  • The three-dimensional sense and rhythmic beauty of iron decoration.

    Handicraft Iron art video has a long history. From Baroque style, Rococo style to modern abstract metal decoration art, it is not new in Europe, but it is still a new field that has just been recognized in China, and it has become architecture since the 19th century. Decorative construction is wi...

  • The decorative beauty of iron art in the home

    The collection value of iron art lies in its unique iron art culture. Its cultural connotation is enduring, with strong transferability and value preservation, with irreplaceable value of other art materials, and can stand the test of time. With the texture of its own metal materials and the spec...

  • The significance and value of iron art in the home furnishing

    Iron art is an emerging decorative technique that has gradually evolved through classical art as people pay more and more attention to their own living environment and lifestyle, and hope that the decoration of the room can have more individual changes. With the continuous improvement of people&#...

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Established in 2013, O I & T Co., Ltd. is located Licheng disctrict Quanzhou city in Fujian province, PR of China . The O I & T Co. Ltd industrial plant cover an area of 2,200 square meters with 120 personnel of professional workers and experienced team of leading managers. Our main products are included but not limited to metal, wood & mosaic home products; indoor and outdoor furniture like tables, chairs, plant stands, flower pot racks, home décor and garden ornamental metal animals. We offer OEM services and accept customized orders from our main customers from North America, Europe, Australia, Middle East, Japan and other countries.

  • We are verified international company. Shop with us with confidence

    We are verified international company. Shop with us with confidence

  • Customers satisfaction and 100 % positive feedback review

    Customers satisfaction and 100 % positive feedback review

  • Recyclable materials and Eco-Friendly products

    Recyclable materials and Eco-Friendly products